Mr. Inflation

Currently I am building my own ‘community’ on Discord to propagate my thoughts everywhere. We have amassed around 1mn members already in US, setup our ConstitutionDAO where you can take a pledge and where all the money printing decisions would be decentralized. ~ Mr. Inflation After being underground for a while, Mr. Inflation has come … Continue reading Mr. Inflation


After some high profile interviews and cases in recent months, HumorousCJ’s boss opined that he has not done proper justice to them. So, he decided to give HCJ some low profile assignments. HCJ was not happy with his boss’s assessment – but what can he do? A boss is a boss is a boss. As … Continue reading CBSE Kid

Mr. Divorce

It’s pennies. And who gives any shit to fiat currency nowadays? You can become a trillionaire in a quarter if you invest in coins of a virtual ‘Dog'e. I am myself thinking of having a coin named after myself – ‘Divorc’e coin. Traders would call it the D-coin! It would go up, as and when … Continue reading Mr. Divorce

Mr. Unicorn

I am amazed as to how India and its startups, want to 'Groww' – it’s in'Cred'ible. Every 'Digit'al business now holds the key to ‘Innovat(c)e' and become a 'Five Star' business.-Mr. Unicorn HumorousCJ flying to India's Silicon valley to interview Mr. Unicorn (MU). Is late by 1.5 hr due to traffic – longer than his … Continue reading Mr. Unicorn


  Business is always a “zero” sum game, Someone’s loss is someone else’s gain. The balance sheets and PnLs are made up of zeros, The figures of hundreds, thousands or millions can make or break heroes. The window of opportunity is large out there, But it requires a vision to make a fortune out there. … Continue reading Zero